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Muriel Sarkany
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Arco Rock Legends
(photo: Torsten Wenzler)

We’ve just got to know the nominees for the annual Arco Rock Legends awards. This years, it is going to be already the 7th time when the international jury consisting of 19 magazines and 2 websites from 14 countries around the world will decide about who’s going to receive the prestigious awards of SALEWA ROCK AWARD and LA SPORTIVA COMPETITION AWARD.
Just like every year, two groups of candidates were selected, 5 for rock award and 3 for the competition award. Among them are climbers who, according to the pool experts of 21 specialized media, left their Mark during last year’s season. The eight nominated climbers truly represent the absolute apex of world climbing.

Here’s something more about the awards and nominees themselves:

SALEWA ROCK AWARD goes to those who through their style and ascents have influenced and guided sport climbing and bouldering during the last 12 months.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the 5 nominated climbers are:

Sasha DiGiulian -  the 19-year-old from Virginia who, for the second year running, amazed all by climbing - amongst others - an 8b+ on-sight and redpointing two 9a's. A performance which places here amongst the best ever and (amongst women) on a par only with Basque climber Josune Bereziartu who, as it happens, won the first ever Salewa Rock Award in 2006.

Sasha DiGiulian (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)

Dave Graham - the 30-year-old American from Maine has been measuring himself against the world's hardest problems and with his style and verve he has become one of the world's most followed and authoritative boulderers. After enduring long periods of injuries, Graham has returned to the top of the game once again and this is his second Arco nomination.

Dave Graham (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)

Daniel Woods – Graham’s friend and companion during a million battles. This is Woods' second nomination for the “Legends” after his 2006 candidature, a face with further confirms how the American strongman has been firmly at the helm of world bouldering for years.

Daniel Woods (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)

Iker Pou – the 35-years-old Basque climber, the "veteran" of this young group of famous climbers, but his 360° climbing experience has few equals. Pou impressed the jury with his new cutting-edge routes and above all for his positive, incessant, contagious drive.

Iker Pou (photo: The North Face)

Adam Ondra - 3-times Salewa Rock Award winner, increasingly strong, increasingly quick, the 19-year-old from the Czech Republic can look back on a season during which he raised the bar on countless occasions.

Adam Ondra (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)

LA SPORTIVA COMPETITON AWARD every year goes to the climber who during the previous season was the most successful one on the competition scene, as well as gave a number of inspiring and impressive performances during the IFSC World Cup series. Here, it’s clearly visible that the current rhythm of competitions is dictated by Austria. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that three authentic champions from the Imst school of climbing are represented here. Three athletes who left their mark during last year's competitions are:

Kilian Fischhuber
- in 2011 he won, for the fifth time, the Bouldering World Cup. The king of bouldering competitions and the winner of the La Sportiva Competition Award once before, namely in 2009.

Kilian Fischhuber (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)

Anna Stöhr - as it often happens, also this time history repeats itself as in 2009 the jury also considered the nomination of this queen of bouldering competitions. Now, once again they have to figure this riddle out since Anna’s results last season are astounding to say the least: Bouldering World Champion, winner of the Bouldering World Cup 2011 and 2nd in the Combined World Championship ranking, the special category which bears in mind results from Bouldering, Lead and Speed.

Anna Stöhr (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)

Jakob Schubert
- the 21-year-old powerhouse who won almost everything there was to win last season, dominating 7 out of 10 Lead comps, winning the Lead World Cup 2011 and taking silver in the Lead World Championship.

Jakob Schubert (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)

So, we can already say that the task of the jury will be by no means easy!

And here’e the complete list of the jury members in charge:

President: Giorgio Balducci (film director RAI)

International magazines: Climax (AUT), Montana (CZE), Campo Base (ESP), Desnivel (ESP), EscaladeMag (FRA), Summit (GBR), Climb magazine (GBR), Alpin (GER), Klettern (GER), UP Climbing (ITA), Montagne 360° (ITA), ALP (ITA), Meridiani Montagne (ITA), RISK (RUS), Man and Mountain (KOR), Gory (POL), SA Mountain Mag (SA), Jamesak (SLK), Rock & Ice (USA), and the internet sites (SWE), (RUS)

This year, the special prize of Climbing Ambassador by Aquafil which goes to those who through their passion, energy and vision have guided and influenced the development of climbing will be given to Stefan Glowacz. The name certainly couldn't be missing, especially since it was in Arco where the German experienced some of his most beautiful competition moments, lifting the legendary Rock Master trophy up high three times. Then, after his goodbye to the competition circuit, Glowacz took his talent and “by fair means” hallmark to rock faces all across the globe, but the bond with Arco has always remained indissoluble, a sort of first love you never forget.

Stefan Glowacz (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)

The prizes, often called sport climbing Oscars will be awarded during the forthcoming Rock Master Festival scheduled to take place from 25 August to 3 September in Arco, Italy.

Who do you think is going to win this time? :-)

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