In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Aleksandra Taistra in Rodellar - Gallery
TNF Kalymnos Climbing Festival
adidas Rockstars - FINALS
adidas Rockastars - Isolation Zone Gallery
Build Your Boulder Gallery

Famous Climbers' Portraits

Photos by:

Marek Arcimowicz

Sam Bie

Rainer Eder

Klaus Fengler

Marko Prezelj

Marko Prezelj Andrej Stremfelj Angela Eiter
Ben Moon Chris Sharma Dani Andrada
Dave Graham David Lama Dean Potter
Josune Bereziartu Lynn Hill Martina Cufar
Maurizio Robert Jasper Stefan Glowacz
Steve House Ueli Steck Yuji Hirayama
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Chris Sharma Quotes – Zen Thoughts
Petzl Roc Trip Kalymnos
Petzl Roc Trips
Martina ╚ufar: "7 Most Important Moments in My Climbing Career"
Dean Potter, b. 1972, USA
Josune Bereziartu, b.1972, Spain
Lynn Hill, b. 1961, USA
Stefan Glowacz, b. 1965, Germany
Martina ╚ufar
David Graham
David Lama OS
Two Winners of Arco Rock Legends 2007
Petzl Roc Trip in Zillertal
Top Climbers
World Cup Lead 2006
Arco Rock Legends 2006
David Lama on Maestri Route, climbing ethics
Ueli Steck on the Eiger Record Climb
Josune Bereziartu - Part I
David Lama on a Malaysian Trip
Ueli Steck on His Alpine Solos and a New Route on GII
Robert Jasper on Yeti
Martina ╚ufar about Vizija 8c
Dave Graham
Martina ╚ufar
David Lama
Desnivel 07/07
Campo Base 05/07
Gˇry 09/06
Gˇry 06/06
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Alex Puccio in Chironico, Nalle Hukkataival and Jan Hojer in Val Bavona
Leslie-Wujastyk, Puccio, Koyamada and Kassay rock in the rocks!
Another boulder conquests by Carlo Traversi and Dai Koyamada
Carlo Traversi pushing himself in Magic Woods
Dai Koyamada's disappointment in Chironico
Echo from the rocks – S÷derlund, Sharma, Harnden, Fineron
Stefan Glowacz frees Golden Shower
White Noise for Graham, Mind 2 Motion for Hong
FFA of Tetris 8A+
Change 9b+ by Adam Ondra
Arco Rock Legends 2012
Dai Koyamada on The Story of 2 Worlds
New Route on Eiger
Successful FA of the North Face of Tengkampoche
Josune Bereziartu New Mixed Route
Difficult Desert Cracks
Ice Trilogy by Robert Jasper
Krakow Mountain Festival 2007
Dave Graham repeats Realization 9a+!
Another 8c+ for Josune Bereziartu
Mammut Expedition to Malaysia
Dave Graham repeats Eclatamasters 9a
New Speed Record on Eiger
Second free ascent of Southern Belle in 18 years
Rock Master 2006 - Results
Ociepka sends 8c
Jasper redpoints another route on Eiger
Potter makes his hardest solo ever
Bereziartu and Otegui make their first free ascent in the Pyrenees
Free solo and speed climbing in the Valley
Listen to the Master: Lynn Hill
Josune Bereziartu on Training
It’s all in your mind: Mental Training Quotes
Aguja Poincenot
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