In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Carlo Traversi pushing himself in Magic Woods

Not only Dai Koyamada’s been recently making a great effort in Swiss bouldering top spots. Magic Woods is currently hosting another strong athlete namely Carlo “I don’t think is that hard” Traversi, who during last two weeks managed to get through with four extreme problems – two 8Cs and two 8B+s. All of them have well-earned names of true classics. Just to warm up, the American sent One Summer in Paradise 8B and then focused on more demanding problems – Remembrance of Things Past and New Base Line (both 8B+). As if it wasn’t enough, Traversi hit on In Search of Time Lost 8C put up by Daniel Woods in 2008 (first repetition – Dai Koyamada, 2011) as well as Sharma’s Practice of the Wild from 2004.


Carlo Traversi in Magic Woods (photo:

Traversi wouldn’t have been himself if he hadn’t alluded that In Search of Time Lost had seemed to him rather easy 8C… And just to be precise, we’re talking about the extended version of Remembrance of Things Past meaning a super hard sit start.

When it comes to The Practise of the Wild, the American praises the line despite that fact that he sent it in what we can describe as adverse conditions – few initial hold were totally wet. According to Traversi, hardly ever can one encounter such nice slopers in the overhanging and as a result he refers to the boulder as one of his "all time favorites”.


Carlo Traversi on New Base Line 8B+ (photo: Mary Macklenburg)

On Traversi’s list there is also another 8C problem – in 2011 he succeeded in sending famous The Game by Daniel Woods in Boulder Canyon. Once again he decided to modify the grade a little bit. The author graded the sequence 8C+ but Carlo suggested 8C.

The American is staying in Switzerland and emphasizes that he feels „unbelievably strong and focused and is ready for more”. So are we!

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Hannah Midtboe and Sachi Amma going strong in Spain!
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