In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Mammut Expedition to Malaysia

91 routes in nine days – this is the result of this year’s mission to Malaysia organized by Mammut. Every year the company plans a trip to completely new climbing regions of the world, and sends there their climbers. David Lama and Reini Scherer, who participated in the mission took over a week to carve out two completely new climbing sectors in the State of Perlis. They were supported by such climbing stars as: Cédric Lachat and Christina Schmid from Switzerland,  Anna Stöhr and Katharina Saurwein from Austria, and Juliane Wurm from Germany. The expedition was taken on behalf of the Sultan of Perlis, who, as well as his family members, is a keen climber. The regent family not only had a personal interest in putting up new, interesting routes in the region, they also hope the results of the expedition will attract climbing tourists to visit Malaysia.

Lama’s and Scherer’s task was to bear two or three new routes per day hoping to set up at least one 8c+. In Perlis, the team concentrated on the rocks of Bukit Keteri. Here, the Crown Prince of Perlis and his Wife were the first to climb at this crag. It consists of two freestanding outcrops of which only the northern hill has been partly developed. As a result of Mammut/Camp 5 bolting expedition 50 routes in all grades have been set up, but the crag can hold much more routes. The rock is excellent and the views are impressive. According to the team members, the southern hill has a great potential for future multi-pitch routes while the northern hill features a cave system that cuts through the mountain at mid-height.

It was a real challenge to climb nothing but new routes! – reported Christina Schmid. We had to start by working out how to master the key points. The sinter columns were awesome! Some of the rock was still a bit brittle, which made the whole thing really exciting.

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