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Rocks around the World

By Stefan Glowacz and Uli Wiesmeier

Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, 1988. 144 pages

Rocks Around the World“In a field where even gifted photographers can get sucked into cliche, Wiesmeier stands out as an original mind: bringing a personal vision to such standard shots as a chalked-up fist straining on a nubbin, a group of climbers at a bouldering wall. The true hero of this book is not the lantern-jawed Glowacz with his long locks and gymnast's physique in colorful tights, it is the rock — its sculpture, its fantastical textures, its place in the landscape — observed by a genius eye. At his best Wiesmeier communicates a richness of vision and fine detail akin to a canvas by a grand master. His double-page spreads on Jogasaki, Red Rocks, Mount Arapiles and Verdon are breathtaking.”
John Thackray, “American Alpine Journal” 1990, p. 326-327

“With all due respect to the author and translator, this is the photographer Uli Wiesmeier's book. The climbs featured are in France, Britain, USA, Japan, Australia and Germany, and mostly feature Glowacz climbing. Needless to say, the climbs are 'out of this world', but the photographer really shows them to their greatest advantage. The contrast of vertical cliff and flat plain at Arapiles, the towers at Teufelsturm, the hordes at Verdon, are all unforgettable images, but so many of the pictures are excellent - and obviously obtained under very difficult conditions - that this book must rank as one of the best in the genre.”
“Alpine Journal” 1989/90, p. 304

“This volume is possibly the finest collection of images depicting hard free climbing I have ever seen.(…) Anyone familiar with the top names in climbing will know Stefan Glowacz's reputation and ability. This book combines their considerable talents in a stunning portrayal of the terrain explored by the best climbers in the world. (…)
As I see it, this book is a vivid and much needed reminder of where the heart of climbing really is. It is not another Rock Games, a spectacular record of one man's achievement or a monument to ego. It shows instead, to all climbers, especially in these days of high technology, hype and competition, that the reality of climbing is out there on and even in die rocks themselves. What they give us we cannot create for ourselves. What we do to them is more important than we think. These photos show that the secret to climbing at any level, the heart of its meaning, is the beauty and form of the rock. We can only complement this beauty as we climb, frail living things on a wall of stone.”
Peter Beal, „Rock & Ice” 1989, November/December, No. 38, p. 81-82

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