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Muriel Sarkany
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Ociepka sends 8c

     Kinga Ociepka has joined the still exclusive club of “8c women” by redpointing Geminis 8c at Rodellar, Spain. The 20-year old Polish girl needed about seven days of work to clip the chain after having led the line successfully. Geminis is a real endurance battle. It begins with a relatively easy, technical section on collonettes, then there is the crux (a boulder offering pinch holds), and finally 20 meters of 8a+.
The ascent of Gemini makes Ociepka the tenth woman to have climbed 8c. She is also the youngest of the bevy. Below is the list of other girls who have sent the magic number:
Josune Bereziartu (ESP) Honky Tonky 8c, Campezzo, Spain 1998
Liv Sansoz (FRA) Hasta la Vista 8c/c+, Mt. Charleston, USA, 2000
Marietta Uhden (GER) Sonne im Herzen 8c, Kochel, Germany, 2001
Aleksandra Taistra (POL) Power Play VI.7/8c, the Pr±dnik Valley, Poland, 2004
Beth Rodden (USA) The Optimist 5.14b/8c (FA), Smith Rock, USA, 2004
Eva Lopez (ESP) Nuria 8c, Cuenca, Spain 2005
Martina Èufar (SLO) Vizija 8c, Osp, Slovenia, 2005
Maja Vidmar (SLO) Osapski pajek 8c, Osp, Slovenia 2006
Natalija Gros (SLO) Strelovod 8c, Osp, Slovenia 2006
    During her stay at Rodellar Kinga also sent Gladiator 8b in the second  try, flashed La Magantina 8a+ and onsighted two 8a-s (Coliseum and A Crabita).

Info about the ascent and the photo:
List of “8c women”: ClimbandMore

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