In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Ola Taistra Photogallery

Ola Tasitra is a one of the most talented Polish female climbers of the young generation. She already has on her account three 8c routes. She redpointed two 8c in Poland: Power Play in 2004 and Nie dla Psa Kiełbasa in 2005. In 2007 she led Die Hard 8c in Gabbio, Italy.

We present the gallery of photos of Ola in action:

Ola Tasitra on Les Colonnetes, Ceuse, France Ola Taistra on Face de Rat, Ceuse, France Ola on Resistanza Atipica 8b RP, Ferentillo, Italy
Ola Taistra on Carcassone, Frankenjura, Germany Ola on Rydwany Ognia 7c+ FL, Poland Ola Taistra on Totem 8a+ RP, Ferentillo, Italy
Ola Taistra on Assalto Frontale 8a+ RP, Grotti Orpierre, France Ola Taistra on Game Over 7c+ FL, Orpierre, France
Ola Taistra on Kummombo 8b, Slovakia Ola Taistra on Osho 8a+ RP, Frankenjura Ola Taistra on N'oubliez jamais 8b RP, France
Ola Taistra on Power Play 8c RP, Pochylec, Poland Ola Taistra on Reisenslalom Direct 8b, Frankenjura Deklaracja Nieśmiertelności 8b RP, Mamutowa Cave, Poland, 2005
Nieznośna Lekkość Bytu 8b+ RP, Mamutowa Cave, Poland, 2005 Nie Dla Psa Kiełbasa 8c RP, Pochylec, 2005 Ola Taistra on Ekspozytura Szatana, Pochylec, Poland
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Aleksandra Taistra in Rodellar - Gallery
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