In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Uli Biaho Tower
Grand Capucin
Petites Jorasses
Cerro Trinidad
Aguja St Exupery

Aguja Poincenot 3002m,  east face

Area: Southern Patagonia, Argentina


1. Cochrane-Whillans Route (Via Irlandesa) , TD, 4/5, 600m, Franc Cochrane [Ireland], Don Whillans [Britain], 31 January 1962, first route to the summit [“Desnivel” No 15, p. 6]
2. Patagonicos Desperados, ED, 6c A3+, 600m, Daniel Anker, Michel Piola [Switzerland]; on the 9th of January 1989 the route was climbed from the pitch 7 to the summit; on the 11th of January 1989 first seven pitches was added, in total 17 pitches; lack of continuous ascent [article with topo and photos: Michel Piola, Desperado, “Mountain” 1989, November/December, No. 130, p. 20-25; note and topo: “AAJ” 1990, p. 206-208]

3. Whisky Time, 5.11 A4, 700m, Beat Eggler, Michel Pitelka [Switzerland], January-February 1994, route completed on the 5th of February after previously fixing the first sic pitches, descent by rappels on the ascent route [notes: AAJ 1993, p. 185; High 1994, September, No. 142,  p. 41]

4. Davis-Potter Route, V, 5.11 C1, WI 4, 700m, Steph Davis, Dean Potter [USA], 12 March 2001, done im alpine-style, 25 hours [notes: “AAJ” 2001, p. 294-296; “Climbing” 2001, No. 205, p.20; “High” 2001, December, No. 229, p. 72-73]

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