In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Uli Biaho Tower
Grand Capucin
Petites Jorasses
Cerro Trinidad
Aguja St Exupery

Petites Jorasses 3650m, Northwest and West Faces 

Area: The Mont Blanc Massif

Petites Jorasses 3650m, The Mont Blanc Massif

The first two routes are unseen on th picture

1. West Gully, II, 4 350M, Patrick Gabarrou, Jean-Michel Michod, 1 July 1979

2. North West Gully II, 4, 400m, Éric Lambert, Godefroy Perroux, Bernard Sanchez, 20 May 1981

3. Duverney-Gabarrou Gully, II, 4, 400m, Yves Duverney, Patric Gabarrou, 26 May 1981

4. In Mémoriam, III, 5, 450m, Patrick Gabarrou, Fred Vimal, December 1992

5. Baumont-Smith Gully, III, 5+, 500m, Richard Baumont, Gordon Smith, 26 June 1978
6. Deux Temps, III, 4, 600m, Patrick Gabarrou, François Marsigny, 15 July 1992

7. Trois Mouvements III, 4+, 600m, Patrick Gabarrou, François Marsigny, 15 July 1992

8. Cinq Bougies pour Heïdi, III, 4, 600m Patrick Gabarrou, Pascal Girault, Giorgio Passino, 30 March 1991

9. Charlet Route 1929, O. Crouand-Schaub, André Migot, Armand Charlet, 16 July 1929

10. Grand Couloir North West, IV, 5, 700m, Patrick Gabarrou, Alexis Long, 19 May 1980
11. Japanese Route, 6b, 900m, Freko Nagao, Y.Yamasaki, 18-19 August 1981

12. Omega IV, 5+R, M6, A1+ (or M8), 700m, Patrick Gabarrou, Feran Latore, 24-25 March 1994, FFA: Nick Bullock, Stuart Mac Aleese (M8)

13. Czech Route, 6a A1, 750m, Jaryck Stejskal, Igor Koller, 4-6 August 1976

14. Contamine Route, 5c, 750m, Marcel Bron, André Contamine, Pierre Labrunie, 20-21 August 1955

15. Anouk, 6b+, 750m, Michel Piola, Vincent Sprungli, 24-31 July 1990, fully bolted route

16. Mon coeur espagnol, 7a, 700m, Michel Piola, Vincent Sprun, 5-6 August 1991, less bolted than Anouk

17. La Beauté du Monde 6a A2, 700m, Christian Dalphin, Michel Piola, Pierre-Alain Steiner, 12-14 August 1981

18. L’Oil au beurre noir, IV 5+, 600m, François Bernard, Antoine Cayrol, 5-6 January 1993

19. Le Pilier Inconu 5c, Michel Piola, Pierre-Alain Steiner, 9 July 1982

Pointe de Frébouze (3530m)

20. North West Gully III, 4+, 500m, Jean-Franc Charlet, René Ghilini, Gilles Peyroulet, 25 June 1979

21. La Face Perdue, IV, 5+, 400m, Andy Parkin, Adam Wrainwright, 27 February 2000

22. West Spur of the Frébouze, 600m, Lucien George, Jacques Isbérie, 14 August 1949

23. Vaucher-Wohlschlag, 500m, Michel Vaucher, Robert Wohlschlag, 1-2 July 1957

Photo and topo by Jakub Radziejowski

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