In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Salewa New Alpine Backpacks

With the models PURE 30, PURE 30 pro and SWITCH 20, Salewa has created three new rucksacks for high altitude tours, ski touring and freeriding. This line, launched for winter 2008/09, is geared towards the needs of demanding guides, ambitious mountaineers and backcountry skiers. The three innovative packs will please the target audience with their purist design, durability, simplicity of use and focus on the essential features.

The PURE 30, PURE 30 pro and SWITCH 20 all come with the new SALEWA “Comfort- Clip” waist harness. This patent-pending technology will make it more comfortable than ever before to carry a pack because the harness buckle is placed at the side, at the end of the harness padding. It does not press against the abdomen. But its not just the front of the body that benefits from the efforts of the design team. These lightweights packs are also kind to the back. The support system is based on SALEWA Airstream, which ventilates the back. Each pack sits tightly without jolting, even during rapid movement.
The PURE and SWITCH models contain perforated memory foam for back padding. They adapt perfectly to the contours of the wearer’s back without causing pressure points. A further plus point is the support system’s water- and snow-resistant flat surface that acts as further protection against moisture.
On the subject of protection, PURE, PURE pro and Switch have a separate, removable inside support board (ISB). The ISB gives additional comfort especially when carrying a heavy weight. It helps to avoid irritation caused by pointed or oddly-shaped objects in the rucksack.

As an ideal companion for mountaineers who, for professional reasons, need to reduce weight while maintaining the durability of their equipment.


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