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Salewa Improves Climbing Harnesses

More Safety for the Vertical Sport

Gelyc, a new climbing harness by SalewaNicola Haager, several times German Bouldering Champion and top climber, is the Product Manager responsible for the development and production of climbing harnesses. For summer 2007 she has totally revamped the product range. Her hands-on experience is obvious from every detail – the new harnesses are extremely light, highly functional and uncompromisingly safe.

Nicola Haager is used to testing the limits. This is the quality that won her several championship titles in bouldering and helped her to climb a number of routes at the 10th grade. With the same tenacity Nicola tackled the Salewa climbing harnesses and created the new range for the 2007 season. In terms of comfort, lightness and safety, the Gelyc, Prisma and Cruz are all in a class of their own.

Faced with the challenge of improving the range, Nicola concentrated on two main issues: insufficient comfort when hanging and the difficulty posed by reaching the climbing hardware. The solution is simple yet convincing. The new construction of 2 in 1 gear loops using hard nylon makes it easier to reach the gear quickly and comfortably (i.e. express sets, friends, wires, etc.). Because the gear loops are secured at a slightly downward angle towards the front of the harness, individual pieces of gear automatically slide to the front of the loop and thus to within easy reach. All the while the gear stays well sorted and untangled.

Waist harness and leg loops are made of high quality materials that are characterised by high abrasion resistance, breathability, hanging comfort and a soft feeling for the skin. On the padded inside there are almost no seams. This helps to prevent friction scars and increases wearing comfort. The padded component can be moved around the waist band so that the harness is always located at the centre of the body, even when extra layers of clothing have to be put on. The new quick-fit buckles increase comfort and reduce the risk of putting the harness on the wrong way. Salewa provides harnesses for all kinds of climbing (sports climbing, alpine climbing, traditional, high routes, climbing in the gym, etc.), for women, men and children, and for different price segments.


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