In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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9 out 10 climbers...
Ron Fawcett - Rock Athlete
Beyond the Mountain
Jerry Moffatt - Revelations
Savage Arena
a - z
Big Wall Climbing
“What a relief to see a mountaineering history book by an active climber! Doug Scott’s big wall climbing has taken him to the Alps, Baffin Island, the Hindu Kush, Everest and Yosemite. This considerable cosmopolitan energy has been channelled into an enormous project: the world history of big wall climbing..."

Climbing in North America
"The mountaineering library will now not be complete without Climbing in North America, and as a link between more detailed local histories and more specific books on more specific climbs it is a good tool..."

Collins Guide
to Mountains and

"This is a magnificent volume, copiously illustrated and destined to be an inspiration to both the armchair and the expedition mountaineer."

Defying Gravity
"Gary Arce has delivered a new narrative and anecdotal history of climbing in the Yosemite Valley from the time before the arrival of white settlers in 1833 to modern climbing of 1995. Defying Gravity is a 200-page production illustrated with historic black and white and contemporary color photos.”

Himalaya Alpine Style
"Here's a book that describes the Himalayan climbs that matter to climbers - not necessarily the climbs that have made the participants into the household heroes, but the ones that remain benchmark in the evolution of alpine climbing..."

K2: The Story of the
Savage Mountain

"There is a lesson in this book that should make it required reading for any mountaineer who contemplates K2 in his — or her — personal future. This mountain is only for the bold and the very competent."

Mountaineering in Patagonia
"Alan Kearney has gone to climb in Patagonia five times. With the hard-won knowledge accrued from these exploits and from an obvious passion for these mountains, Kearney has undertaken the task of putting together a climbing source book on Patagonia."

On the Edge of Europe
On the Edge of Europe is a fine reminder of what the Caucasus has to offer(...)" “This book is the offspring of the 1991 Alpine Club Symposium and attempts to collect together in one volume the first distilled mountaineering history of the range since Freshfield almost a century ago."

Pushing the Limits
"Pushing the Limits is highly recommended for anyone interested in the evolution of North America climbing. (...) Scott somehow keeps the thousands of stories, mini-biographies, and photos together with his narrative, based in extensive, original research..."

Stone Crusade
"What is the great American contribution to the sport of climbing? Not big walls, not drooped picks, not even Friends, The answer is bouldering..."

The High Mountains
of the Alps

"The real value of the book lies in the inspiration it will give to anyone with even a passing interest in the European Alps. For those of us who have been going there for years, the book will stir memories and provide inspiration for future plans; for the mountaineer who has not yet visited the Alps this is a wonderful introduction to the place where it all began.”

Voices from the Summit
“Have you ever wanted to sit down with David Breashears, Lynn Hill, or Ricardo Cassin and ask them what they thought about climbing’s current state of affairs? Or maybe try to gain some insight into their passion and drive? If your answer is “yes” then Voices from the Summit is what you’ve been looking for..."

Wizards of Rock
Wizards of Rock is a historical overview of free climbing in America beginning with its roots in early explorers like John Muir and Elkanah J. Lamb, carrying through to contemporary climbers the likes of Tommy Caldwell, Beth Rodden, Alex Huber, and seemingly everyone in between...

Women Climbing: 200 Years of Achievement
"Bill Birkett and Bill Peascod took on a difficult task when they decided to write a history of women climbing, knowing that they might get criticism from all sides."

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9 out 10 climbers...
Beyond the Mountain
Jerry Moffatt - Revelations
Ron Fawcett - Rock Athlete
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