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Himalaya Alpine-Style:
The Most Challenging Routes on the Highest Peaks

by Andy Fanshawe and Stephen Venables

"Here's a book that describes the Himalayan climbs that matter to climbers - not necessarily the climbs that have made the participants into the household heroes, but the ones that remain benchmark in the evolution of alpine climbing as a pure, exploratory and soul-searching human endeavor. (…)
This collection of  the finest Himalayan ascents, made by some of the boldests alpinists of all time, is hard to put down. Many of the ascents described are legendary in the annals of alpine style climbing: Doug Scott's epic crawl off the Ogre, Lucas and Bohigas's brilliantly bold ascent of Alex MacIntyre's attempted line on the south face of Annapurna, Kurtyka and Schauer's monumental achievement on the west face of Gasherbrum IV. This is pretty heady stuff!"
Alex Lowe, "American Alpine Journal" 1997, p. 353-354

"Himalaya Alpine-Style is a lavishly illustrated large-format volume book co-authored by Andy Fanshawe and Venables. The book was Fenshawe's brainchild, but after his tragic death in Scotland only a year into the project, friend and fellow writer Venables picked up the torch. Both authors have made significant contributions to modern "super-alpinism" and the book reflects the insider's perspective. Indeed the descriptions of people, places and routes are bandied about with such familiarity that much of the time the book reads with the casual air of a home guidebook. (…) With well-written histories, excellent maps and drawings, and stunnings photographs gathered from the oroginal protagonists, the authors have documented 40 routes in Pakistan, Nepal, India and Tibet that they feel have best demonstrated "alpine-style".
Dave Pagel, "Climbing" 1996, September 15 - November 1, no. 163, p. 145-146

"Peaks are decribed from west to east, starting in the Karakorum in Pakistan and continuing through the Indian Himalaya to Nepal and Tibet. Each of the forty chapters summarizes one mountain, starting with a well-written historical overview of the peak, including first ascent and notable additions and the mountain's finest alpine-style route and ascent. Historical quotations from first-ascent climbers, their observations and detailed route description of landmarks, dificulties and dangers make this and invaluable resource for climbers with future projects. Venables also has a helpful habit of mentioning which lines and objectives still remain unclimbed. (…)
Himalaya Alpine-Style is indeed "a climber's book", as Venables notes in the introduction, yet, more so, it is a book of record, detailing the history and high standards of modern, low-impact, adventure alpinism in the Himalaya. This book and these climbers will influence and inspire the next generation of Himalayan alpinists."
Ed Webster, "Rock and Ice" 1996, July-August, No. 74, p. 129

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