In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
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OutDoor 2012

Here's a short gallery of what was going on during this year's OutDoor fair show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. For some interesting product novelties visit our Brand News section or the gallery here.

Slackline is an inevitable part of every year's OutDoor (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) Looking for an original advertisment? Here you go :-) (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) In search of interesting brand novelties (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)
ClimbAndMore was there - Monika M³odecka interviewing Mélissa Le Nevé (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) Resting and... (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) ... testing! (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)
The element of rivarly - Salewa Rock Show final (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) Salewa Rock Show final (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) Concentration - a key to success. The women's category winner of the Salewa Rock Show final (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)
Traditional trickline contest (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) Original slackline training (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) One of many brand conferences (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)
Daniel Jung struggling with the new Camalot X4 by Black Diamond (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) Mélissa Le Nevé (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) Josef Wagner, the founder of the Hanwag company - the Celebrity of the Year (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)
Looking for the best clothing impregnation (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) The winners of the GOLD Industry Award 2012 (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) Fashion show (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)
Barbara Zangerl and Mayan Smith-Gobat checking out the new Photoedition of the GÓRY climbing magazine (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿) One of the brand novelties - SPINE carrying system by Bergans (photo: Piotr Dro¿d¿)
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