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Novelties of the 2012 OutDoor fair - Climbing equipment

We'd like to present the detailed description of the most interesting pieces of clothing and models of shoes presented during this year's OutDoor fair in Friedrichshafen.

Flycatcher by EDELRID

One of the winners in the Mountain-climbing equipment category. World’s skinniest and lightest (35 g/m) twin rope with a diameter of 6.9 mm and Pro Shield finish for optimal performance. Dirt and water resistant thanks to the application of Dry Shield finish, and Therma Shield applied for perfect handling. The rope is available only in the whole set of 2 ropes (light blue and light Green) and a specially adjusted ingenious belay device called Micro Jul. There are three length variants available: 50, 60 and 70 m.

Flycatcher by EDELRID (photo: Piotr Drożdż)

SIROCCO by Petzl

One of the GOLD award winners. An ultra-lightweight climbing and mountaineering helmet with every chance of becoming the new standard in terms of lightness. The extraordinary weight of SIROCCO equals maximum 165 g, mostly thanks to the monobloc construction and the textile adjustment system including a new magnetic buckle which allows the chinstrap to be attached with one hand. The helmet simultaneously retains excellent impact resistance due to the mechanical properties of expanded polypropylene (EPP) and is distinguished by the superb ventilation distributed around the helmet.


SIROCCO by Petzl (photo: Piotr Drożdż)

Haku Rope Bag by Arc’teryx

One of the winners in the Mountain-climbing equipment category. The Haku Rope Bag offers an elegant way to organize climbing rope: a tarp and bag in one piece that rolls into a compact shoulder carrier. When folded out, the tarp provides protection from dirt and serves as a platform to organize gear. Tie-in loops inside the tarp secure the rope ends. To stow the rope, lift the corners and the rope falls into the bag. To secure the load, roll the top over, clip the buckles, compress and go.

Haku Rope Bag by Arc'teryx (photo: Piotr Drożdż)

Haku Rope Bag by Arc'teryx (photo: Piotr Drożdż)

Camalot X4 by Black Diamond

One of the winners in the Mountain-climbing equipment category. The newest member of the Black Diamond standard-setting Camalot family, offering more expansion range than any other  small cam, thanks to its double-axle design and patent-pending Stacked Axle Technology. The Camalot X4’s innovative internal cam springs allow the head width to be ultra-narrow and fit into tight, tricky placements. The cam’s unique armored cable stem is designed to be flexible yet extremely durable, and the lightweight, color-coded Dyneema sling makes for easy identification on the user’s rack. The Camalot X4 comes in 6 different sizes (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4,0 0.5, 0.75). Weight (0.4 size): 82 g.


Camalot X4 (size 0.75) by Black Diamond
(photo: Piotr Drożdż)

Camalot X4 (size 0.75) by Black Diamond
(photo: Piotr Drożdż)

10.0 Sensor by Mammut

One of the GOLD award winners. 10.0 Sensor is the first haptic or touch-sensitive rope. A unique BiCo Sense climbing rope differentiated by its midpoint and near-the-end markers. The belayer/climber can feel the rope running through the belay device as along the half of the rope and towards the ends, the core is brought to the outside with a weaving change making it different to the touch. It is also marked by a different coloured yarn. Additionally, the rope is equipped with a superDRY finish that guarantees long-lasting resistance to dirt and water. In their statement, the judges emphasized the matter of safety, concluding that there is a hope that "the Sensor rope will soon make lowering accidents a thing of the past!”

10.0 Sensor by Mammut (photo: Piotr Drożdż)

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