In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Wild Country Ropeman 3 - recall notice!!
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Cosmo LED Headlamp - Cosmically Good

Black Diamond pushes the proven Cosmo LED headlamp to the forefront of technology. The Cosmo is the first headlamp to combine a ½-Watt HyperBright LED in a new, more efficient reflector with two lateral SuperBright LEDs. This allows the Cosmo to throw a strong 38-metre beam and perfect lighting up close. All of this continues to come at a very attractive price.

Black Diamond Cosmo LED Headlamp

The new Cosmo is a result of Black Diamond’s principle to offer the most recently available technology at the most attractive price. A range of 38 metres (1/2-Watt LED) and a burn time of 140 hours (lateral SuperBright LEDs at lowest consumption) more than fulfill that challenge. The Positron switch toggles between the ½-Watt HyperBright LED and the two SuperBright LEDs. In both modes, it features a three-level brightness selector plus blinking mode. The Cosmos’ compact design makes it incredibly handy, extremely light (just 44 grams without/ 80 grams with batteries) tough and waterproof according to the IPX 4 standard. It works for an extremely wide spectrum of applications: mountain sports, outdoors, camping, car, shop, fishing, at home or on the road.

The Cosmo is part of a line-up of seven high-tech headlamps. Whether it’s a sitting start in a dark bouldering cave, skinning up before dawn, professional search and rescue missions, a spare light in your car or just for reading in the tent – you’ll find the right headlamp from Black Diamond. The Cosmo will be available in Argent and Spice at a very low suggested retail price of 29,90 Euro/ £ 24,99 from November 2007 on. Because it’s from Black Diamond, it comes with high quality batteries (3 AAA).

Black Diamond

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