In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Wild Country Ropeman 3 - recall notice!!
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Like a Russian Doll

Impact Crash Pad and BlocBox Bouldering Bag - two new products of Black Diamond


Black Diamond cleans up bouldering equipment with the new Impact crash pad and the new BlocBox bouldering bag. Nesting like matryoshka dolls, two crash pads plus the bag can be carried on your back. The Impact, a very reasonably priced pad, and the BlocBox fit seamlessly into Black Diamond’s bouldering line.

The problem surely isn’t new: crash pad on the back, gear bag slung any old way, maybe even a ladder – too much to carry, put down and pick up on your way from boulder to boulder. The new matryoshka principle of the Black Diamond bouldering line-up offers the ideal solution for long bouldering days: the BlocBox fits in the Butler Pad, the Butler Pad fits in the Impact Pad and the whole unit fits on your back. The Impact crash pad is the outer layer of the nested units and the shock absorber for any boulder problem. It has the same dimensions (104 cm x 122 cm x 9 cm) as the successful Drop Zone crash pad. QuickRelease straps and stainless steel buckles allow folding of the Impact quickly, taco style. The slimmed-down design without folds and compartments make this pad affordable to boulderers on a budget.

The new BlocBox bouldering bag fits inside all crash pads in Black Diamond’s bouldering line, even into the small Butler Pad. With its clean and simple design, the bag quickly disappears into the pad and comes out with equal ease. The BlocBox is padded with 12 mm of foam. Zippers on three sides allow it to be opened completely. It’s handy for sitting starts or to clean climbing shoes at the start. Shoes, chalk bag and personal articles fit into the folded-up bag and with its two side pockets and carrying straps the BlocBox shines in the gym too.

Black Diamond

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