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All New Freeride Ski Line from Black Diamond

Efficiency and power is what Black Diamond’s new in-house designed and manufactured Freeride Ski Line for the 2007/08 winter is all about. Two new series are designed to set standards – from powder runs to fast ascents to technically demanding terrain. Seven freeride models and three touring skis celebrate Black Diamond’s motto: ‘It’s all about the down.’


Black Diamond skis are divided into special segments that provide the right fit for each level of proficiency and every skiing style: from wide skis with great torsional rigidity to well balanced models with a softer longitudinal flex.
The skis in the Freeride Series are designed for dedicated Big Mountain skiers and freeriders. They also work for climbing. Extremely rigid torsionally, but with optimal flex, they offer the ultimate in performance and stability. Here the focus is on the power aspect of Black Diamond’s Efficient Power Concept, with five models and two special women’s skis. The Touring Series consists of three extremely light skis for climbing that also offer maximum performance in descent. The attention is on efficiency with those skis and they ski surprisingly easily, offering great skiing fun with little energy input.

Ski Models

Zealot - a no-compromise Big Mountain ski for real freeride freaks.
Verdict - a real Freeride ski, very agile in spite of its width. This ski can be used as a racing ski on planar runs, but requires a high level of proficiency.

KiloWatt - the KiloWatt converts energy inputs to action efficiently. A wide, forgiving, agile freeride ski.

Havoc - Black Diamond’s cult ski was completely redesigned. Its twin tip design shows elegance and stability in all conditions and all terrain.

Machine Classic - all round carving and touring ski, ideal for technical descents in more difficult conditions. Suitable for hard snow and steep terrain also.

Joule - the Ladies version of the KiloWatt with the same torsional rigidity, somewhat softer longitudinal flex and less weight.

Velvet - a somewhat narrower all mountain carving ski for women, based on the Havoc’s cut.

Voodoo - a lighter, more agile and less athletic version of the Havoc for fantastic all round performance. A super touring ski with persuasive descent capabilities.

Stigma - beautiful all mountain carving ski, light for climbing and very agile in technical descents.

Cult - the lightest and most agile ski in the series is designed for long ski tours, yet performs great on descent.


All skis are in-house designed down to the smallest detail, and are being manufactured the BD’s factory. For the new Freeride ski production line the proven Formula One and Dual Torsion Bow-Technology were completely redesigned.  All skis feature new 3D CNC treated wood cores with precise and aggressive 3D profiles over the entire length of the ski. Combined with the classic, race-orientated 3D Torsion Box this design provides great torsional rigidity. With ski width ever increasing this is becoming more important. This resistance to torsion allows a transfer of power over the ski’s entire length, so that the applied energy can be felt even at the tip and tail. Longitudinal flexibility for powder turns is conserved too. New high strength micro laminates embedded in multi layer 3D dampening allow solid, clean and easy turning. The ski dampens vibrations very quickly. To bring it to a point: the new technologies and materials in these skis maximize downhill fun and minimize strain!


A common graphics language ties all skis together visually. The tips are simple and let technology speak for itself while on the tails the graphic history of the skis really stands out. In the Freeride Series, colours and graphics are avant garde. The Touring skis rely on classic colour schemes. Both women’s skis feature a contemporary and feminine design.

More information on Black Diamond’s new ski web site


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