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Andreas and Christian Bindhammer free Hades 9a in Tirol

Christian Bindhammer on Hades 9a in Tirol

In the recent years the climbing areas in German Allgäu and the border areas in Tyrol see a huge boom - at least concerning the difficulty level. For three years Christian Bindhammer’s Big Hammer 9a has been at the top of these routes - now there is a new line, which could possibly take it´s rank: Hades at the Götterwand (Wall of Gods) in Nassereith (Tyrol/Austria).
No rest points on a length of 15m and extreme shoulder and undercling moves on constantly small edges result with high demands on the maximum strength-resistance - last waiting for a hardly controllable dyno to a three-finger side-hold - often the end to a promising, but finally failed attempt.
The combination of the work on boulder-projects at the first and training in the route itself on the second day came out to be the appropriate way to success. On 05.07.08 Andreas Bindhammer succeed - after several days of intense tries, also during thunder and lightning. Four days later it was Christian's turn to solve the way to the top. Their proposal: 9a.

Andreas Bindhammer on Hades, Goetterwand, Tirol

That the “Hammerbrothers” know what they are talking about is prooved by a huge number of first ascents and repetitions over the past years. The list of new boulders in the Allgäu areas speaks for itself - an ideal preparation for routes at the limit, as both can tell. At the NePaPla-wall, which they discovered last autumn, this season some absolute top-boulders found their way into life: the body-tension test piece Firestarter 8b/8b+ fb, the uncompromising line of Frontman 8b fb, the sloper-dyno of Icebound 8a+/8b fb and the undercling move of Ristretto 8a+ fb - to name just a few examples - all first ascents done by Christian and with exception of the last, which already saw a repetition of the boulder specialists Hary Röker, so far only repeated and confirmed  by Andreas.

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