In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
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On Ice

Directed by Scott and Eden Ayer

Directed by Scott and Eden Ayer. Cliffhanger Productions, 1995.
Video, 62 minutes.

“As each discipline of climbing gains in popularity, one obvious progression for that discipline is to be documented on video. More than a decade after the first rock-climbing production, On Ice makes its mark as the first video dedicated to the ascent of crystalline water.
On Ice is a solid hour of high-quality video. From its opening footage in Alberta, Canada, to Colorado’s Ouray Ice park to Torre Egger, Patagonia, On Ice shows today’s best ice aficionados in their element. Producers also include interviews that offer insight into an ice climber’s philosophies and drive. Viewers might be confused by what could be interpreted as conflicting information from the wide range of personalities, yet this spectrum of viewpoints just shows the infinite variability inherent in the interaction between humans and ice.”
Rod Willard, „Rock&Ice” 1996, January/February, No. 71, p. 131

“This video, produced by Scott and Eden Ayers, is both entertaining and instructional as it introduces you to ice climbing and mixed climbing through the inspirational efforts of climbers such as Duncan Ferguson, Charlie Fowler, Conrad Anker, jay Smith, Kitty Calhoun, Annie Smith, Mimi Bourquin, Greg Child, barry Blanchard, Lyle Dean, and Alex Lowe. This video does not disappoint.”
Jack Roberts, “American Alpine Journal” 1996, p. 360-361

On Ice covers a good variety of winter ice climbs, including the stunning Canadian Rockies’ gems Wicked Wanda and Hydrophobia, and a couple of really sick-looking mixed routes in Cody, Wyoming, and Rifle, Colorado. (…)
Short instructional sequences offer helpful tips throughout, although you’ll learn as much or more from watching these guys (and gals) strut their stuff. (…)
It’s beautifully put together, and worthy in its own right, but the tale of an alpine well seems out of place here, and its inclusion disrupts the video’s continuity. Kudos overall, however, to the cast and crew of On Ice a job well done.”
Michael Kennedy, “Climbing” 1996, No. 157, p. 153-155

“It is abundantly clear that a great deal of thought and hard work has gone into the planning and production of the film work; it shows in the quality. The photography is excellent with wide variety of shots that give close-up insights into the muscular hard work of the climbing: axes swinging, ice breaking away, picks sinking perfectly or ripping through chandeliers of icicles. (…)
My overall impression at the end of the video was that I wanted to buy a copy of Joe Josephson’s guidebook to waterfall ice climbs and get on a plane out there as soon as it starts freezing again. Flights to Canada and the States are not that expensive.”
Joe Simpson, “High” 1996, July, No. 164, p. 62

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