In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Raichle Mt. Envy for Via Ferrata Fans

Raichle Mt. Envy for Via Ferrata Fans

Scaling the rock face vertically, breathing in the mountain air, sensing the void under the boot, daring to look down – Via Ferrata climbing opens up the peaks to people who can’t be bothered with all that traditional roping up and belaying. Yet the metal rungs and cables call for footwear that is particularly responsive and strong. Swiss mountain footwear specialist Raichle has developed a boot that meets this challenge: the Mt. Envy.

A Via Ferrata boot has to fulfill complex requirements: it needs to stand safely on metal pegs and rungs, and safeguard the sole of the foot; slippery passages require good traction and a comfortable bending line; during ascents and descents, it has to provide surefootedness on scree, grass and in snow – yet it has to be agreeably light and provide a comfortable fit. With its Mt. Envy, Raichle has come up with a great all-rounder. With a profile-free climbing zone under the ball of the foot, the vibram® Mulaz sole grips friction steps and rungs like a limpet. The external Motion Control System provides optimum flexibility and stability for the ankle. The separately adjustable Ghilly lacing system ensures a comfortable fit in both the men’s and the women’s models.


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