In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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 Brand news
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Wild Country Ropeman 3 - recall notice!!
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What's New at VAUDE

World Cup Climbing Champion Angy Eiter along with Kilian Fischhuber, World Cup Bouldering Champion and 2nd place Climbing World Champion, both members of the VAUDE Climbing Team, have provided significant impetus to VAUDE’s new climbing and bouldering gear.

Together with VAUDE product developers, these professionals have put their ideas and requirements to work in the new climbing and bouldering collections. The intensive interchange led to the fusion of experiences gained during gruelling, daily training activities with the latest in cutting-edge technologies. During the development process, every detail and every material was put to the test by our climbing professionals before it could make its way into the collection.

Climbing Wear: Lifestyle Function

The company has decided to combine high technology and stylish design in their latest climbing line. Body-hugging tops, with midriff baring cuts or extravagant straps in fresh colours – these clothes aren’t just for your time spent on the rock. High performance, stretchy and abrasion resistant materials support body efficiency and comfort. VAUDE is making its debut with a bouldering product line in a lifestyle look.  Natural materials blended with performance polyester fibres ensure a perfect balance between understatement, high comfort and climbing compatibility. Even the “Gettoblaster Jeans”, fit for the big city, grant ample rock climbing freedom of movement with their emphatically casual cut. The Boulder and Climbing Line offers plenty of practical features, such as a special belt loop for your chalkbag or an attachment point for that hold-cleaning toothbrush.

Backpacks: Anatomic NT Suspension System

VAUDE has been consistent in searching out the most optimal relationship between weight and stability for each individual climbing and alpine backpack. In the future, the innovative Anatomic NT suspension system will ensure a perfect anatomic fit for all packs. Energy absorbing Air Pads snuggle up ergonomically against your back, supporting a natural range of motion and ensuring excellent cushioning. A high comfort level is reinforced by the lightweight, anatomical ABS panel inside the pack’s back that ensures form stability.

Ultralight “Tec Rock 32”  Backpack

At just 950 grams, it’s the first Ultra Seam Tech welded climbing backpack offering the perfect features for climbing and mountain tours, such as gear attachment, map pocket and hydration aperture. Seamless welding technology not only saves enormously on weight, it also ensures that the pack is absolutely waterproof. A welded reinforcement on the pack floor makes it immune to damage from rocky surfaces.

Partner check: Dogi Rope Bag

Before hitting the rock, both climbing partners should visually check their partner’s safety and belay setups – the DAV has developed a practical checklist to help. In cooperation with the DAV, VAUDE will be equipping the canvas of the Dogi rope bag with these partner check symbols, so that they can’t be missed as soon as the rope is unpacked.

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