In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
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Western Rätikon

(with Kirchlispitzen, Schweizertor, Drusenfluh and Drusenturm)

Getting there:

Driving from Schiers you take the narrow road to Schluders. After passing the village the road turns into a “path” in the forest, in moments very exposed and it takes  around 8km to get to Grüscher Älpi. There you turn left and after few hundreds of meters you get to a parking place.

In about 100m from the parking place, in the middle of beautiful forest, there is a hut, Parduzhütte. It belongs to KCR (Kletterclub Rätikon) and offers around 30 sleeping places. It is possible to make telephone or internet reservations ( The cost is 15 CHF per night. Camping is strictly forbidden (except if the hut is full).
Drinking water is available from the well near the hut. Also on Grüscher Älpi you will buy very tasty cheese. If you drive a bigger car, it’s better to get there after sunset to avoid meeting with agricultural machines on the road. The road is not available for camping cars. Since the regions is agriculturally used in summer you should only use prepared paths and leave your car on parking places.

Eastern Rätikon  (Partnun)

This region has recently gained more importance thanks to new extreme routes of medium difficulty. It includes mountain groups: Salzfluh, Gamstobelwald, Chlein Venedig and Schijenfluh and some smaller regions like Grüenwand and Seeflüeli.


Getting there:

Driving from Küblis turn to St. Antönien. The curved road is very nicely exposed, with beautiful views. After passing the village you turn towards Partnun lake. There are many paid parking places along the road. However you can go to the end of the asphalt road and park at Gasthaus Alpenrösli. From there it takes only few minutes to get to the lake, where the routes to most of the climbing sectors begin.

In Partnum there are two possibilities of accommodation: Bergrestaurant Sulfluh (tel. +41(0)813321213, and Bergrestaurant Aplenrösli (tel. +41(0)813321218). Camping is strictly forbidden.

Partnum region is also a great place for walking, hiking and bike riding. For more information go to


Photos by  Peter Mathis:


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