In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Ines Papert on Flying Circus

Ines Papert on Flying Circus

You’ve always stressed that mountains are the most important to you, but after you have stopped  competing, I guess they are even more of your focus. I’m interested in how have your training and physical preparation changed since that time? Do you do different things or it’s still more or less the same?
The only thing different since I have stopped competing. My schedule is a lot more flexible now and I spend much more time outside. The most important training for climbing for me is climbing itself, I balance it with stretching and working the opposing muscles, which is supposed to help to prevent injuries. I drytool indoors in the fall, during the periods of bad weather. I also boulder inside so as not to loose the finger strength in the winter. As far as the mental aspect goes, I feel the best when I am physically strong, that is when I can keep climbing above my last piece.  Besides that I am a human and my fears are same as everybody else’s.

You often climbed with your life partners – in the past Hansi Lochner, and now – Stephan Siegriest. Do you think it’s easier, from psychological point of view, to be roped to someone you love, or it can be sometimes additional mental strain?
Stephan and I, we don’t see each other too often, which is why the little time we have together we devote to climbing. Climbing is a passion, which we both share. That being said, I have a big circle of friends, and I really like climbing with other women. My next expedition will take me to Canada and British Columbia, where I will have three women as partners. We will get helicoptered into an area, where most likely nobody else has set a foot before us. Lots of hard ice climbing will be waiting for us. I cannot wait. I think the only problem will be drying ropes and boots in the tent.

I guess for spring and summer you have also mostly mountain plans? Any expeditions?
When I return from Canada I want to climb a long alpine route, which I have done last year. I need to free the last part of it. After that we will see, I have got lots of ideas.
Good luck and great mountain time in 2008!
Thank you for the interview and good luck.

Interview: Piotr Dro¿d¿ 
Translation: Maja Kotarska

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