In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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e-Link – A Brilliant Combination

e-Link – A Brilliant Combinatione-Link is more than a brilliant innovation for the sport of climbing. With this technology, Vaude and Edelrid have also laid a foundation for a strong and competent partnership in their joint brand group. Vaude and Edelrid have developed the first climbing packs and harnesses that are compatible. Thanks to the e-Link, the backpack has a more stable fit and features full access to the gear loops.
Working together, Vaude and Edelrid were able to solve the well-known problem of alpine climbing with a backpack: either you had to cinch the hipbelt of the backpack over your climbing harness which limited access to the gear loops or you took off the detachable hipbelt which created the disadvantage of climbing with an unstable backpack. e-Link offers the perfect solution for this dilemma. Before the climb, the hipbelt of the new Vaude climbing backpack is detached and connected through a special side buckle directly to the Edelrid climbing harness. “This ensures both unhindered access to your gear loops and a stable fit of the pack and harness,” explains Daniel Gebel, professional climber and product manager at Edelrid.

The new generation of climbing packs equipped with the e-Link technology feature straightforward technical engineering. All gear loops can be stored away without a trace when needed, so your pack won’t get caught on any sharp rocks going up. Created specifically for women is the Vaude Soft Rock 32 + 8. The Hard Rock 30 + 15 comes with a modified roll closure and can be turned into a neat haul pack when called for. The largest model Rock 38 + 8 with top lid compartment is the ideal companion for multi-day tours. Compatible to these packs are the Edelrid climbing harnesses with an e-Link: Medius, Maximus, Soleus, Gracilis und Sartorius.


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