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First Soft Shell Shoe from Jack Wolfskin

Under the Hiking/Active Trail banner, Jack Wolfskin celebrates the Summer 2008 season with a sports-style footwear programme that focuses on the specific demands of fast, active outdoor sports such as Trail Running and Fast Hiking.  The brand offers two new sole concepts, characterised by their high flexibility and balanced roll-off performance, together with innovative stabilising technologies and fabrics for the uppers.

ACTIVATE: the first soft shell shoe from Jack Wolfskin

With its BASELAYER collection of ultra-functional sports apparel, sports-styled daypacks and drinks systems, Jack Wolfskin already offers a wide range of products for this user group. The new Hiking/Active Trail footwear line completes the circle. All four new models are characterised by their low weight, balanced roll-off performance and superb cushioning. Two Fast Hiking models incorporate the ACTIVE TRAIL sole and two trail running shoes are equipped with the new TRAIL SPEED sole.
Extremely lightweight trail running sole: the TRAIL SPEED
The newly created TRAIL SPEED sole has a weight-optimised construction, the weight saving being achieved by reducing the outsole to individual tread elements bonded to the cushioning EVA midsole. A MOTION GUIDE stabilising component integrated into the middle of the sole construction delivers precise strike action and balance roll-off performance. Shock Pads embedded in the heel section enhance the cushioning. Footwear with the TRAIL SPEED sole is designed to cope with extended runs, both on and off the beaten track. The waterproof CROSS TRAIL incorporates a high breathability TEXAPORE O3 membrane and is designated as a true off-roader, while the stand-out feature of the TRAIL PACER is its exceptionally low weight.

ACTIVATE: the first soft shell shoe from Jack Wolfskin
Tried and tested in the functional outdoor apparel sector, the soft shell concept has now been applied to Jack Wolfskin’s footwear for the first time in the ACTIVATE Active Trail shoe. This development marks the transference of the soft shell principle of uniting several functions in a single fabric. The uppers of the ACTIVATE consist of a lightweight, highly breathable, water and wind repellent double fabric, which is stabilised by a TPU mesh component. This lightweight Fast Hikers also features the ACTIVE TRAIL sole.

Jack Wolfskin

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