In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
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C.A.M.P. Releases New Collection of Ropes

In 2008, the arrival of C.A.M.P. ropes represents a small revolution for a brand that, from helmets to crampons, now offers all essential equipment for alpinists and climbers. Developed with the same ethos as all C.A.M.P. products, the new collection of 18 ropes combines quality, lightness, durability and safety for the benefit of all end users.

C.A.M.P. releases new collection of ropes

10 dynamic ropes [single, half rope and twin rope]

7 single ropes [from 9.2 to 11mm]: ropes certified for use on their own. Ideal for sport routes and everyday climbing where long abseils will not be required.

2 half ropes [8.2 and 8.6mm]: a system comprising two ropes that are usually thinner than single ropes. The leader ties into both ropes and alternately clips one of the ropes into each piece of protection. This system is the preferred choice on wandering routes where gear may be placed in a zigzag arrangement. Half ropes are also ideal on routes with poor protection and loose rock. A single rope through a piece of protection or anchor places less stress on the gear than twin ropes and if one line gets damaged by falling rock, the other can still be intact and perfectly safe. Two seconds may follow the leader, each tied into one rope. 

1 twin rope [8 mm]: a system comprising two ropes that must be used together and in parallel at all times. The leader and the second must be tied into both ropes and both ropes must be clipped into every piece of gear and anchors. Twin ropes are lighter than half ropes and excel on long, protectable routes where abseils often require the full length of the rope.

7 static ropes [Type A and type B]

Static ropes are not designed to cushion the impact of a fall and should not be used for dynamic applications like climbing. They are designed primarily for work and rescue.

Type A: the strongest and most durable static ropes, excellent for use in work and rescue. Excellent for accessing work areas and roping-in when working at heights.

Type B: smaller diameter static ropes designed for more moderate work and rescue applications. Type B static ropes are both less durable and not as strong as Type A ropes.


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