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Vaude: Strong Take Off With New Shoes Collection

Vaude new shoes collection

Vaude fits right! This is the core message launching Vaude’s new major shoe premiere and it’s backed by a specially devised custom-fitting shoe design. Vaude has brought together accumulated shoe-related expertise to build an expert team that now presents after a two year development period a distinctive footmapping concept unique on the market. The product manager Marco Lachner and his orthopaedic footwear team led by Andreas Bornmann and Torsten Schröder have designed innovative “shoe lasts” that are exactly anatomically formed and created in conjunction with various special features to optimally fit the entire foot.
With their new shoe program, to be available in sports and outdoor retail, Vaude is consequently further pursuing their brand strategy and so finalizing the last step towards their being a complete outfitter.

The new Vaude shoes have been meticulously constructed from heel to toe, from insole to outsole. The result: maximum hold for the heel while at the same time a high ease of movement for the midfoot and forefoot. A special heel counter provides enhanced stability that in combination with anatomic cushioning stabilizes the upper shoe as well. The toe box offers the little toe lots of extra space and room to move. The anatomic embedding prevents the foot from sliding back and forth, thus reducing friction and hindering the formation of painful blisters.

The specially constructed insole also plays a decisive role in the optimal fit of the Footmapping design. Modelled against the entire foot, it adapts itself to every curvature and supports a biomechanically efficient gait. 

The company's Footmapping concept integrates all these components into a single shoe construction for the first time, ensuring that all elements are carefully calibrated with one another to offer a shoe design unique on the market.
To further improve the stability of all trekking boots, Vaude together with Vibram, have developed their own outsole providing the right balance of pronation and supination, as well as shock absorption and cushioning.

Women’s models in focus

Vaude has paid particular attention to their women’s shoe models, specifically designing them to meet the needs and wishes of women. These shoes, for example, offer enhanced stability for the ball of a woman’s foot, which, according to medical knowledge, greatly differs from that of a man and therefore requires enhanced stability. Women sponsoring partners and outdoor-enthusiastic Team colleagues contributed key design impulses that include the refined outsole design to the choice of colours, which were then put to practice by an experienced woman shoe designer.


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