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PrimeLite Compact Adventure

Primus Primelite Compact Adventure

For 2007, Primus launched a new compact LED-headlamp, the PrimeLite Compact Adventure. Having no external battery case, it is surprisingly easy to handle: just one case and an elastic headband. Despite the compact size, it is packed with a wide range of high-tech features: a state-of-art 1 Watt Luxeon II LED with a long reach, normal LEDs for close-up,various output levels with intelligent switch logic, and a simple, but efficient device to prevent the headlamp from accidentally turning on in your pack.

LED-Technology is still evolving. The latest LEDs burn brighter and reach farther than ever before, still using the same amount of battery power. Primus uses the most modern technology for their CA model, a 1 Watt Luxeon II LED to extend the reach of your beam. Thanks to these efficient devices, Primus can incorporate three small AAA batteries into the headlamp housing for convenient handling. The CA measures only 50 x 58 x 32mm! The low weight is another exciting feature; without batteries the headlamp weighs as little as 68 g!

The PrimeLite CA offers 7 different brightness settings: For high performance requirements, there are two red LEDs at 100% output (reach 5­12m at 50­90h burn time). The red light is great for night vision since it is not blinding to the human eye when turned on (the same reason speed cameras have a red flash). In addition to that, there are 4 white LEDs that can run at 25% or 100% output to be used in middle range. For far reach, the powerful 1 Watt Luxeon II can run at 50% output (reach 30m) or at 100%, reaching as far as 75 m (= 45 Lumen) with a burn time of 6 hours. Last but not least, there is a blink mode for the four white LEDs. Another useful feature is the battery life indicator. Once the batteries are lower than 3 volts, the two red LEDs start blinking, indicating that it is time to change batteries.

Other features: Water resistance to IPX4 standards, separate switches for on/off and mode, adjustable tilt, shock resistant, comes with 3 AAA alkaline batteries and a transparent carrying bag (which can be used as a diffuser when lighting the tent), new on/off protection.


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