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Vaude Tests in Forest Kindergarten

Developing specialised products for the entire family is a top priority at Vaude and is firmly anchored in its family friendly company philosophy. Whether it’s family tents, child carriers, or outdoor clothing for kids, the needs of parents and children are carefully analised. The company, for instance, operates an in-house child care centre which support young families in coordinationg their family lives with the demands of job and career. Now, Vaude has expanded its commitment toward a focus on family with an official cooperation with the German National Association for Forest and Nature Kindergartens (BvNw), formed in February 2007.

Forest Kindergarten Cooperation
The National Association represents Germany’s 700 existing forest kindergartens and supports the concept of the outdoor childcare at all levels. “At this time about 18,000 children attend forest kindergartens in Germany. The interest is enormous, new forest kindergartens are constantly being established and we reckon with a significant increase in numbers,” predicted Monika Wedertz, board member of the National Association. Within the scope of the cooperation, VAUDE has put its products to the test in forest kindergartens. Suggestions and feedback from the field flow directly into Vaude product development. A special quality seal with an official recommendation by the National Association signals high performance for customers.

Forest Kindergarten Collection
Vaude’s Forest Kindergarten Collection has been further expanded and developed right down to the last detail to meet the extreme demands of active children. Whether it’s functional clothing, gaiters, water bottles or backpacks, valuable practical input from the Vaude Kinderhaus child care centre and the forest kindergarten has impacted these products. That’s why some jackets, for example, are outfitted with a special child’s hood that fits perfectly without the use of a drawstring.

The new forest kindergarten backpack “Puck 10” is not only up to forays through underbrush and tree tops, it also offers top functionality and lots of great extras for little explorers. An extremely durable, waterproof tarpaulin floor on the pack will hold up to any plunges in muddy puddles. A raincover protects and ensures that the pack also stays dry when the moisture originates from above. The pack is equipped with buckles that can be easily opened and closed by little fingers. An integrated seating pad offers a dry and warm seat anywhere they might find themselves. A roomy side mesh pocket keeps the water bottle close at hand when needed. A waterproof name tag ensures that the pack stays by its rightful owner. Vaude couldn’t resist and provided the little explorers with special extra features: such as a magnifying glass for tiny creepy, crawlies, a compass to find back home and a practical attachment to harbour all those treasures found. Vaude also developed a special thermal cover for the kids’ bottle Marky to help keep their drink cool in summer and warm in winter.

The forest kindergarten apparel is also up to meeting toughest challenges. The Explorer Jacket is made from durable, waterproof material with abrasion resistant reinforcements on shoulders and elbows, and effectively helps shield the little ones from wind, rain and cold. High visibility and enhanced safety is ensured with reflective elements on the front and back. Decked out in the matching Explorer Trekking Trousers, these mini adventurers are ready for all latitudes: the high performance fabric ensures a comfortable micro-climate even on hot days, extremely abrasion resistant reinforcements help protect the knees, and an anti-mosquito treatment helps ward off insects. On wet days, the special waterproof kids’ gaiters offer additional protection from mud and rain – and they even help keep out ticks.


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