In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Carry Only 1250g With C.A.M.P.

The probability to survive after an avalanche is of 90% if you are rescued within 15 minutes from the moment you have been swept away. After that time it reduces drastically each minute… Also, professional avalanche equipment is essential. This very often is neglected by ski mountaineers, whose goal is first of all to reduce the amount of grams they have to carry.
Having this in mind, one of the leading ski mountaineering brands on the market - C.A.M.P, in cooperation with Guido Giacomelli has concentrated on one goal – to enable everybody practicing this sport to carry all that is necessary for their safety by reducing the weight of equipment and minimising the space occupied by the load.

The effect is a new “safety pack” which offers all the essential equipment weighting less than 1300g:
XLC 390 crampons (390gms) + Corsa Ice axe (205gms) + XLH 95 harness (95gms) + XLS snow shovel (157gms) + carbon probe (123gms) + Starlight helmet (280gms) = 1250 g.


The lightest snow shovel of the world which satisfies the requirements imposed by ski mountaineering competition regulations. The narrower part has special teeth that make extraction from hard snow easier. The larger part is better with soft snow. It has holes for snow anchorage and can also be used to assemble an emergency sledge or as a splint for broken limbs. Developed in polypropylene, it is shaped to perfectly fit the back of the CAMPack XLP 290 backpack for maximum comfort.


2.4 meters at just 123 grams! Six flexible and virtually unbreakable carbon fibre segments compact to 40cm lengths for ease of packing. Assembles quickly and easily with a tug and cinch of the strong 2mm Dyneema cord. Complete with carrying case.

XLC 390 CRAMPONS, 390g

The lightest semi-rigid 12-point crampon in the world. Made entirely from 7075 aluminium alloy, including the adjustment screw and the new heel lever.  This latest design and construction gives improved durability.


The lightest ice axe in the world! Another example of C.A.M.P. beating its own lightweight record. 7075 aluminium alloy B-rated head and shaft. Ideal for easy glacier travel, ski mountaineering and adventure racing. 


At just 95 grams, the XLH 95 is the lightest harness in the world. It is the absolute standard for ski-mountaineering, adventure racing and any other scenarios where lightweight is at a premium. Constructed from strong and durable webbing and 3-D mesh padding. Tested and certified according to EN norms. Two gear loops. Attaches with a karabiner through two front loops. (Sizes: S, M, L)


Advanced structural and technological features characterize the Starlight. The external polycarbonate shell and the high-density polystyrene interior are integrated in a single structure by means of the “In moulding” manufacturing process. Two large side vents covered by a perforated grill with built-in torch clips ensure air circulation. The result is an attractive, compact and extremely light helmet. One size with fast adjustment system.


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