In climbing I do things that I enjoy and want to do not the ones that are currently in fashion.
Muriel Sarkany
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Muriel Sarkany - Portrait
Mélissa Le Nevé on bouldering, competition, grades and the enjoyment of climbing
Adam Ondra on bouldering
David Lama on Maestri Route, climbing ethics
François Nicole on FA Amazonie 9a
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Denis Urubko on winter Makalu
Simone Moro and Denis Urubko reached the 8462m high summit of Makalu, carrying out the historic first winter ascent of the 5th highest mountain in the world.

Dodo Kopold on Assalam Alaikum
Our aim was to climb the south face of Great Trango, a wall perfect for alpine climbing, but extremely dangerous in bad weather. If the weather gets worse and it starts snowing, it can be a problem to go back. We had known this very well before we started.

Du¹an “Stoupa” Janák
Very often the hardest pitches are not these with the highest “number”. So our universal grade 9+AF is our little resistance to this mainstream. Of course, the competition is inevitable and I like “sport factor” in climbing. But I don´t want to be a “slave” of climbing modes and hunter for the “numbers”. OS or RP ascent of some route is only the last step but often not the hardest.

Eugeni Krivosheitsev about his mixed climbing adventure
It is very difficult to keep a top position now, but I am still doing my best. I train, I practice yoga, I work on my physical condition all the time, and, what's most important, I still have fun doing what I do. I still have motivation to reach my goal, and I still feel like doing this.

François Nicole on FA Amazonie 9a
Last December François Nicole sent his long time project Amazonie 9a in his home crag of Saint Triphon, Switzerland. Photographer Laurent de Senarclens met with him to tell us a bit more about this passionate climber.

Fred Nicole on Amandla 8C, ROCKLANDS
Luckily my sponsors support me for my way of life and not my performances. I would not feel respectful of my climbing or of my sponsors if I had to do things just for publicity!

Iker Pou: 7 Walls on 7 Continents
In 2003, Iker and Eneko Pou, began their amazing quest „7 Walls, 7 Continents”.  It is a challenge that no other mountain climber has taken before.  The mission was to climb seven toughest routes up seven toughest walls on seven continents. The brothers completed the task last December.

Ines Papert About IWC 2006
"Now also female competitors have to climb very long and very overhanging routes, with swinging icicles and very hard technical sections [...] I am exited about good routes - that’s one of the main reasons for taking part in comps."

Ines Papert on Camilotto Pellesier
Actually the fact that Rainer came with us turned out to be an additional motivation for me. He was on the top, crying: ‘Go, go, go!!!’ and my friend Wasti Schöndorfer was on the belay below, shouting: ‘Come on, come on, go, go!’ So there were two supporters and it really helped me.

Ines Papert on Flying Circus
"I had Flying Circus in mind since 2005. Unfortunately the ice did not fully come down over the overhang. I decided to wait for the perfect conditions, so I had a chance of onsighting the route. Also, since I dropped out of competition circle it is much easier to be in the right place in the right time."

Josune Bereziartu - Part I
It’s normal that when a woman climbs a route, some climbers lose respect for that route. They think: if a woman can climb that route, why not me? Maybe it’s not so hard? Maybe I can do it, too. That way of thinking is deep-rooted in our society, not only in the climbing community.

Katy Whittaker on gritstone
Katy has amassed quite a gritstone ticklist, with ascents of several hard routes. Recently she has headpointed (after top-rope practise) Master's Edge E7 6b, Kaluza Klein E7 6c and Braille Trail,/i> E7 6c. She has also flashed Nosferatu E6 6b.

Kilian Fischhuber on bouldering
Boulder ace Kilian Fischhuber received the LaSportiva award and won the Rockmaster 2009 title only 24 hours later...

Lee Cossey on El Cap Climbs
"Freerider is the perfect first free route on El Cap. Each of the 35 pitches is beautiful and there are so many different styles of climbing on the route from technical slabs to boulder problems, pumpy corners and, of course, wide cracks! This route is within the abilities of many climbers and I was surprised that there were not more people out there."

Marko Prezelj Interview - Part 1
In the eighties climbing was very well organized in Slovenia. If you wanted to take part in an expedition organized by our association you had to prove yourself, show your skills in the mountains. It was not like making promotion in the media like it’s now. Now you can fake it, then you couldn’t. There was no cyberworld, so your staff was good or not.

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Muriel Sarkany - Portrait
Mélissa Le Nevé on bouldering, competition, grades and the enjoyment of climbing
Adam Ondra on bouldering
David Lama on Maestri Route, climbing ethics
François Nicole on FA Amazonie 9a
Anna Gallyamova - the winner of ICWC 2010
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